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The segment of wood manufacturing of COMMODUM, spol. s r.o. focuses mainly on the production of standardized all-wood self-supporting staircases and on the custom-made production of wooden staircases. While the standardized staircases with pre-given dimensions are intended mainly for cabins, cottages and for all the places where only occasional use is expected, the custom-made production focuses on the specific requirements of the client, including elaborated design. We use the state-of-the-art NC technologies for the production of these products which results in a high product quality thanks to the combination with the natural material like solid wood.

In the past, the wood manufacturing dealt also with construction and joiner productions, manufacturing of fences, wall and floor profiles and mainly wooden structures, thermal-insulated and uninsulated cabins. This segment of production is not our priority anymore, nevertheless, we are still able to perform such type of orders even today, thanks to our traditional knowhow, always trying to meet our customers´ requirements.

Visit our e-shop with staircases and choose a staircase made to measure or its cheaper alternative with standardized dimension! Staircases are always made of solid wood, usually beech or spruce wood and using the state-of-the art CNC machinery.


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» 2011 (Ongoing Constructions)

»» Family house, Hutisko (private investor)

»» Jurkovičova view tower, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

» 2009

»» Bandstand, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

» 2008

»» Construction of 8 family houses, 6 bungalows, custodian´s building (Horní Bečva)

» 2007

» 2006

»» Cabins Beta and Petrklíč in Iceland

» 2005 - 2000

»» Recreation centre Archa (Rajnochovice)

»» Training centre of UK Prague (Dobronice u Bechyně)

»» the village and spa resort of Bad Hall (Austria)

»» Camp, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm