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Construction Production

Experience, quality and competitive strength – these are the words describing the work of COMMODUM, spol. s r.o. More than twenty years of development has shown that we are able to meet the ideas of the investor with quality, competency and fast performance of a construction.  As a matter of course, we provide thorough summary of investments which makes the performance of each of the projects transparent and clear. The customer is then absolutely satisfied as he can be sure that his investments are in good hands.

We have been operating on the construction market in the Czech Republic since 1988 and as early as in the 90s, we have gained the attention of the public as the company performing excavation work for company Český Telecom a.s. After that, there was a time when our production moved to water-management constructions while we kept the wide range of the construction production – from reconstructions to sewer systems. We performed  orders either as general contractors or as subcontractors and our constructions could always be deemed the hallmark of our company.

At present, COMMODUM, spol. s r.o. focuses mainly on water-management structures and sewer systems and on civil engineering structures. Nevertheless, the company has been maintaining the reconstructions and structural engineering in its portfolio. The most important service for the customer is the fast, competent and quality performance of the order for the most favourable price – this all is offered by COMMODUM, spol. s r.o.